Greg Stone

Synesthesia alters detective-turned-novelist Ronan Mezini’s perceptions. But can it help him find the killer?

Detective-turned-novelist Ronan Mezini has skewed perceptions because of a condition called synesthesia, which for him transforms sounds into colors. These visions give him unusual insights that help him solve the case. So when a collection of eccentric – and possibly violent — creative people come together at an elite artists’ colony in rural Vermont, murders occur in rapid succession and suspicion falls on everyone as Mezini unearths the founding family’s secrets. (Summary via Goodreads)

When you read the description of Dangerous Inspiration on the back of the book you only get a very small idea of what Greg Stone’s book is all about….and that doesn’t even touch the surface.

In Dangerous Inspiration a group of very different people are granted acceptance to an artist’s colony called Interlude. This retreat is very popular but only a very small selection are allowed in. For two months the artists which include actors, writers, sculptures, painters, photographers, dancers, are there to concentrate on their individual talents as well as interact with the others as well as the owner and the workers. None of the latest group expect to become murdered or suspects of said murders.

Luckily the owner Olivier granted acceptance to Ronan Mezini who is a retired detective turned private investigator who is trying his hand at becoming a writer. So when one of the kitchen staff is shot and killed, he is put to the ultimate test…… but when someone else is found murdered by another method, everyone is on edge and unfortunately they are in a remote area of Vermont during a horrific storm that has them trapped and no way to summon for help or leave.

Dangerous Inspiration has a lot for readers to enjoy. It has murder, love relationships, secrets, lies, and with all of the characters being very different, you will have no idea who to trust and who is capable of murder. The characters in the book won’t be the only ones on edge and unable to sleep…..fortunately you will be doing it in the safety of your home and well….the story isn’t real.


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