My name is Missi and I LOVE to read.  Since being placed on “early retirement” (permanent disability due to RA) I have been reading a lot.

Through Facebook I have connected with a lot of authors and book people. I began posting reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble as well as on Facebook.  I began helping a cozy mystery blogger 2 years ago and last year the blog was handed down to me. I even have an assistant, Penny, who is a Godsend with her help !!  Feel free to check it out :


Lately I have been meeting authors and receiving books that are not defined as a cozy mystery.  Therefore I decided to start another blog that centers around these books and authors.  These authors are “small” …  maybe just starting out. I have a handful of local to my area (Amsterdam, NY) authors that I have met and received their books.  I was amazed when I started looking as to how many authors are right around my area.  Have you ever looked ?  You may be surprised as well.

I will pretty much read any book and help promote any book.  Another reason for this blog.  I hope that you will give it a look every so often.  You never know I may review the next book you want to read……