Dangerous Inspiration

Dangerous Inspiration

Greg Stone

Synesthesia alters detective-turned-novelist Ronan Mezini’s perceptions. But can it help him find the killer?

Detective-turned-novelist Ronan Mezini has skewed perceptions because of a condition called synesthesia, which for him transforms sounds into colors. These visions give him unusual insights that help him solve the case. So when a collection of eccentric – and possibly violent — creative people come together at an elite artists’ colony in rural Vermont, murders occur in rapid succession and suspicion falls on everyone as Mezini unearths the founding family’s secrets. (Summary via Goodreads)

When you read the description of Dangerous Inspiration on the back of the book you only get a very small idea of what Greg Stone’s book is all about….and that doesn’t even touch the surface.

In Dangerous Inspiration a group of very different people are granted acceptance to an artist’s colony called Interlude. This retreat is very popular but only a very small selection are allowed in. For two months the artists which include actors, writers, sculptures, painters, photographers, dancers, are there to concentrate on their individual talents as well as interact with the others as well as the owner and the workers. None of the latest group expect to become murdered or suspects of said murders.

Luckily the owner Olivier granted acceptance to Ronan Mezini who is a retired detective turned private investigator who is trying his hand at becoming a writer. So when one of the kitchen staff is shot and killed, he is put to the ultimate test…… but when someone else is found murdered by another method, everyone is on edge and unfortunately they are in a remote area of Vermont during a horrific storm that has them trapped and no way to summon for help or leave.

Dangerous Inspiration has a lot for readers to enjoy. It has murder, love relationships, secrets, lies, and with all of the characters being very different, you will have no idea who to trust and who is capable of murder. The characters in the book won’t be the only ones on edge and unable to sleep…..fortunately you will be doing it in the safety of your home and well….the story isn’t real.


Blue Jeans Lou and Flip Flop Sue

Blue Jeans Lou and Flip Flop Sue

by Heidi Sprouse

Lou Callahan knows cars—how to get them running, fix them up, make them right. Dealing with people is another story. He’s reeling from a tragedy that has rocked his entire family’s world. He’s barely picking himself up off the floor. Handling anyone else’s problems is too much right now.

Until a beautiful stranger shows up at his auto shop and begs him to help her to restore the wreckage of a piece from her past.

Sue Piper’s heart has been torn apart. She’s not sure anything can help it heal. Bringing back a family heirloom that may be beyond repair is her only hope. She needs to place it in the right hands.

She has no idea walking into Callahan and Son Auto Repair can fix so much more than a car.

Will two wounded souls be able to let the light of love shine through the cracks and make them whole again? (Summary via Amazon)

Blue Jeans Lou and Flip Flop Sue by Heidi Sprouse is more than a love story. Sprouse is known for her romantic, emotional love stories and this is exactly what that is….and so much more.

In Blue Jeans Lou and Flip Flop Sue readers are introduced to the Callahan family, Lou, his older brother Logan, their sister Lizzie, their mother Laura and their grandmother Maggie. They are all still dealing with the loss of their father, Lee. Lou has taken over the garage that their father built and he taught the boys their way around any vehicle. It is there where Lou meets Sue when she and her car are towed in. The ’69 Camaro which belonged to Sue’s deceased brother, Tucker, is the most important thing to Sue and when it is damaged in an accident, the tow truck driver takes it to Lou.

Lou is mesmerized by Sue and the car and vows to fix the car and bring it back to life. While Lou takes his time working on the car, Sue stops by daily to check it’s progress as well as keep an eye on Lou. During these visits the two develop feelings for each other, strong feelings but are afraid to act on them.

Lou, who is working in his father’s garage and living in the upstairs that he converted into living space, is still struggling with the loss of his father, the backbone of the family and afraid to allow anyone into his heart. And Sue, even though it seems she is more open with her heart, is still dealing with the loss and emptiness of lossing her brother.

Not only is this a love story but the family dynamics of the Callahan family and how they look after each other is inspiring. Readers will want to be a part of this stong family. Lou and Logan have a difficult bond that is hard to break but a misunderstanding between Lou and Logan and Sue will destroy them all. It wouldn’t be a true Heidi Sprouse love story if there wasn’t some drama, misunderstanding and a love to fight for !!

Having lost my mom just over a year ago and reading Blue Jean Lou and Flip Flop Sue I feel I was able to appreciate this story better. I could feel the love, loss and emptiness that the Callahan’s felt after losing their father. I could especially relate with Logan when he says that he sees his father every time he looks in the mirror because I see my mother every time I look in the mirror. Losing a parent is one of the hardest things a child must go through and it doesn’t matter how old you are when it happens. It still knocks you down ! And Sprouse paints the story beautifully.

And Sprouse leaves the door wide open for future books if she wants to turn this into a series or a trilogy…. the path that Logan is about to embark on and the journey he will be taking is another story that she can tell. And Lizzie and Matt have another love story brewing and I can imagine the sparks and fights they will have getting to their happily ever after. And maybe it will be time for their mother to dip her toes in the dating pool again…..or maybe being a grandma will be her destination. Oh the possibilities that can come out of this simple love story…….

Apnea by Jay Sizemore

Apnea by Jay Sizemore


In the future, a virus threatens humanity with extinction. During the Great Sleep, nearly all men on the planet suddenly perish, throwing the world into chaos.

For the few left behind, but one hope remains: an experimental drug that keeps carriers of the virus awake for 21 straight days.

The treatment offers a slim chance of survival, but those willing to undergo the trial do so at the risk of losing their very minds.

Joseph Conrad is about to begin this treatment…AGAINST HIS WILL.

Read the book that others have called, “daringly original,” “a real page-turner,” and “filled with startling imagery.”

If you’ve enjoyed books such as I am Legend by Richard Matheson, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, or Misery and Gerald’s Game by Stephen King, then this novel will surely satisfy your taste for something new. (Summary via Amazon)

If the cover of Apnea by Jay Sizemore doesn’t scare you, then the story will !! I thought I was going to have to sleep with the lights on for the forseeable future….that is to say if I would ever sleep again !!

In Apnea the men only are being hit with a virus called Virus Y that is killing them. The men have to test their blood every morning and every night to see if they have contracted the virus. If they haven’t they get to live another day worry free. If the test comes back stating that they have contracted the virus, they have to contact their government. There is supposedly a cure called YAPNEA which is a series of shots being administered for 21 days which makes the recipient unable to sleep.

In Apnea readers are introduced to a handful of men and women who are dealing with different perspectives of the virus….however you are mainly focusing on Joseph and Virginia, a husband and wife. Joseph tested himself one morning and found out he was positive for the virus and instead of contacting the government like instructed, he turns off the machine. He decides that he would rather die than deal with the virus. Unfortunately Virginia turns on the machine and sees that he tested postive and decides for him that he is going to receive the injections and she is going to give them to him. But seeing as Joe does not want to receive them, she has to handcuff him to their bed.

Readers will get lost in this story and loss sleep for reasons unlike the Y virus. You will want to see the outcome of Joseph’s treatment and what happens with their lives….as well as everything else going on in the story. I have just given you a glimpse inside this crazier than Stephen King novel…..

Now if you will excuse me I am going to go play with kittens…..

Apnea is a captivating story and readers will enjoy it as long as them remind themselves that it is not real….open at your own risk.



Stephen G. Eoannou

Rook is based on the true story of Al Nussbaum. To his unsuspecting wife, Lolly, Al is a loving, chess playing, family man. To J. Edgar Hoover, he is the most cunning fugitive alive. Al is the mastermind behind a string of east coast robberies that has stumped law enforcement.

After his partner, one-eyed Bobby Wilcoxson, kills a bank guard and wounds a New York City patrolman, Al is identified as one of the robbers and lands on top of the FBI’s most wanted list. He is forced to flee his hometown of Buffalo, New York as the FBI closes in and Lolly learns of her husband’s secret life.

One million wanted posters are printed and The Reader’s Digest offers a ten-thousand-dollar reward for Al’s capture. While Al assumes another identity and attempts to elude the police, Lolly is left alone to care for their infant daughter and adjust to her new life as ‘The Bank Robber’s Wife’. Friends, family, and federal agents all pressure Lolly to betray Al.

While Lolly struggles at home financially, with unrelenting FBI agents, and her conscience, Al and Bobby continue to rob banks, even as Bobby grows more mentally unstable and dangerous. Al has only two goals: avoid capture and steal enough money to start a new life with his family. Returning to gather his wife and baby is suicidal, but as Al said, he’d only stick his neck in the Buffalo noose for Lolly. (Summary via Goodreads)

Rook by Stephen G. Eoannou will have readers unable to stop reading. As soon as you open the book you are lost in the story of Al, his partner in crime Bobby, his wife Lolly and the web of lies and secrets among them.

In Rook Al and Bobby along with Curry are bank robbers. Al is actually the brains behind the crime, planning and staking out the bank they will be hitting and then he sits in the getaway car while Bobby and Curry go inside the bank and rob it. Afterwards they get in the getaway car with Al driving and he drives them to safety where they count up the money and split it.

Al tells his wife Lolly that he is going away on a business trip with Bobby so that she knows nothing about the robberies. Lolly is left home living in the apartment above her parents raising their baby daughter Alison completely unaware of what Al does on these business trips.

All of that changes when during one of the robberies a security guard is killed and a police officer responding to the robbery is shot and injured. Soon after that Curry is caught and rats out the other two. It is right before Christmas and Lolly is snooping in the closet for her Christmas presents from Al and instead finds the duffel bag he hid that has the money from the last robbery along with a gun. That night he packs a bag and leaves with Bobby and his girlfriend leaving Lolly and Alison. Shortly after Al leaves the FBI shows up and questions Lolly all about Al but luckily for Al, she cannot tell them anything.

In the beginning of Rook readers get to know Al, Lolly and Bobby as the bank robberies are commited but when their identities are learned and they flee, the book changes into separate chapters dedicated to Al and Lolly and their lives of living apart. Lolly is left to try to deal with the fact that her husband, the father of her child, is a criminal….again. She had to move in with her parents and go out and get a job so that she can pay the bills and take care of her daughter. Al also has to adjust to living in a dingy apartment, hiding from the law, constantly living in fear of being caught.

Readers will love this story and wonder what in the story is real and what Eoannou has embellished. Readers may even find themselves feeling sorry for Al but especially for Lolly as she had to pick up the pieces of the mess Al left behind. And readers will have strong feelings of Lolly’s mother….but I will leave that to the reader.

I highly recommend grabbing your copy of Rook and getting lost in the story……



Jan Marin Tramontano

We’ve Come Undone is the story of two contemporary marriages from idealistic, yet misguided beginnings. Each couple mistakenly believe their happily ever after will come without really knowing the person they’ve married. Over time, their wounds come to define them-a marine, chronically ill from pills he took in the Persian Gulf War to protect him from Sarin gas, a ballet dancer whose ambitions are crushed by a single encounter, a woman desperate to have a baby, a man whose wife barely tolerates him and doesn’t love their child. Long simmering tensions ultimately explode and an accident throws everything they thought they knew and wanted into free fall. At its heart, this story is about the choices we make, how they shape our lives, and how our innate resilience allows us to reclaim the lost part of ourselves.

A young, naïve WILLOW imagines domestic bliss with DENNY. She yearns for a stable home life with a large family after her nomadic childhood growing up in communes. Denny wants to be the right man for her but can’t contain his impulse for risk and flight and joins the Marines without consulting her. When he returns from the Persian Gulf War, the drug he took to protect him against the threat of chemical warfare has consequences that threaten to derail their future.

JILLIAN is consumed with ambition to become a ballet soloist in a major ballet company. A floundering BLAKE, bereft by the death of his sister, is attracted to her certainty and resolve and fully commits to her dream. When the ballet life is abruptly shattered, she immediately and intentionally gets pregnant. Her disappointment in herself and what life has become festers and she turns on Blake and their daughter. While she may be ashamed of her failure as a dancer, Blake feels the true rupture comes from her inability to love their daughter.

Retreating emotionally from their marriages, Blake and Willow fall in love. On her way home to tell Denny she is leaving him, Willow is in a car accident that threatens to upend everything.

LILY, an international reporter had a breakdown while covering a bombing and is on a leave of absence. Until this point, she lived her job and could not commit to her long-distance boyfriend, STEPHEN. We learn her backstory through blogs, emails and letters. Now, everything is on the line. Sleepwalking through a temporary job at a local TV station, she hears Willow’s crash and her reporter instincts finally kick back in. She embroils herself in the drama of these two marriages in crisis while trying to come to terms with her own life.

Although Willow is seriously hurt, ultimately she will fully recover. Denny understands on some level that he’s lost her, but has not accepted it. Through the drama Lily witnesses, the mistakes she makes, and what she learns about Persian Gulf War vets, she finds a path to balance her life. Jillian begins her difficult journey back to finding a life that she can own and crafts a new relationship with her daughter. Willow is facing a long recuperation. Blake comes every evening. They savor their time and look forward to a future they will shape together. (Summary via Amazon)

It’s not very often that I wish I knew how to speed read but when I started reading We’ve Come Undone by Jan Marin Tramontano that is exactly what I wanted to do.

In We’ve Come Undone Tramontano breaks the story up into three parts starting with the families until there is an accident then she sends the reader back into the lives of the characters providing us with the story as it unfolded and how they got there then she returns to the present and the characters as they deal with the aftermath of the accident.

In We’ve Come Undone readers are introduced to two couples, Willow and Denny and Jillian and Blake. Both couples have been married for years however neither couple are happily married. Willow is a librarian at the high school where Blake is the principal…it is there during little get togethers that they fall in love. Willow’s husband Denny is a war vet dealing with demons that he cannot shake, luckily he is a skilled carpenter and that helps keep him going. Blake’s wife Jillian is a dancer that followed her dream but was unable to fulfill it and is not capable of getting past that failure. Sadly Blake and Jillian have a daughter Chelsea who is in high school and luckily has a great relationship with her father….and she adores the librarian Willow.

The day of the accident Willow and Blake were going to their spouses to tell them they were leaving them and that their marriages are over. Blake was able to go home and talk to Jillian but Willow was involved in a very bad accident when her car went through a red light and she was hit. Willow was put into a medical coma so that her body could have time to recover after having surgery.

In the second part of the story Tramontano takes the readers back a few years before the affair and accident to give the readers an idea of how the affair unfolded. Readers get to see the struggles the couples went through and how Willow and Blake fell out of love with their partners and in love with each other.

In We’ve Come Undone readers are also introduced to Lily who is a reporter / journalist who has struggles of her own. In the beginning Lily is at the scene of the accident and feels a pull to investigate. This then finds her at the hospital where she meets Denny as well as Willow’s sister Autumn. Readers are also given Lily’s back story before the accident in the second part of the story.

There is a lot of drama, sadness, loss, love, new beginnings, closures and acceptance within We’ve Come Undone. Readers will fall in love with the story and the people and will feel compel to root for certain people. And the way that Tramontano outlined the story breaking it up really keeps the reader on track. You will find yourself thoroughly impacted by the people and you will want to rush through it to get to the end…..I highly recommend that you don’t. Take your time, get to know the characters, and enjoy every part of their journey.

In the Shadow of Fear: When Revenge is Not Enough

In the Shadow of Fear: When Revenge is Not Enough

E. S. Zaccaro

When Micheala experiences a traumatic, life-altering assault, the trajectory of her life suddenly changes in ways she never thought possible. After being told by police that her attacker’s DNA did not match any in the state or federal databases, Micheala’s steadfast belief in the power of forgiveness abruptly ends and her thoughts turn to vengeance and justice. As she begins a search for the identity of the man who brutalized her, Micheala submits DNA from her assailant’s discarded cigarettes to an open-source genealogy site—cigarettes that she collected and concealed from law enforcement. A short time later, she is not only provided with the ancestral makeup of the man who assaulted her, but she is also given the names of several of his distant relatives. If she has any hope of finding the identity of the man who upended her life, Micheala must now start the daunting task of reverse engineering an extensive family tree that most likely contains close to a thousand names. In order for Micheala’s life to again reach equilibrium, and for her to fully heal, the man who attacked her had to be identified and the evil he embodied permanently stopped—either by prison or death. This is what motivated and inspired her. This is what gave her the passion, patience and courage to methodically track down her assailant. (Summary via Amazon)

Readers will be left in awe after reading In the Shadow of Fear : When Revenge is Not Enough by E.S. Zaccaro. Even though the story is a devastating experience for main character Micheala “Mike” Kilborne how she handles it will be truly amazing.

In In the Shadow of Fear Mike is assaulted and held and tortured in her home for hours but unable to identify her assailant. Luckily, she keeps a few of the discarded cigarettes he left behind hoping to use them to get DNA. Even though the police are also doing an investigation, Mike feels that in order to obtain closure and to get her life back, she needs to do whatever she can to find out his identity.

Mike is also about to start her new job as a teacher at Duluth University…this is where she decides to take her research a step further by talking to another teacher who specializes in forensic genealogy. After sitting in on his class she approaches him and the two begin working together on her project. Mike is very vague as to her research but explains that when she is ready, she will fill him in more.

As the two work closely together, Mike meets Logan’s father and the three meet regularly and friendships are formed. However, Logan begins to develop serious feelings for Mike but Mike is still struggling with her assault and cannot get close to anyone until she completes her research. Little do either of them realize that an encounter one night on the way to dinner will end up providing them with the missing piece to the puzzle……

Readers will love this story for the drama, the suspense and you would never imagine that Eaccaro can throw a love story into the mix of all the darkness. Readers will be on the edge of their seats as they read and get close to Mike and Logan finally cracking the case and when it all unfolds, reader will be SHOCKED !!!

Like a Sister

Like a Sister

Kellye Garrett

A twisty, voice-driven thriller for fans of Megan Miranda and Jessica Knoll, in which no one bats an eye when a Black reality TV star is found dead in the Bronx—except her estranged half-sister, whose refusal to believe the official story leads her on a dangerous search for the truth.

When the body of disgraced reality TV star Desiree Pierce is found on a playground in the Bronx the morning after her 25th birthday party, the police and the media are quick to declare her death an overdose. It’s a tragedy, certainly, but not a crime.

But Desiree’s half-sister Lena Scott knows that can’t be the case. A graduate student at Columbia, Lena has spent the past decade forging her own path far from the spotlight, but some facts about Desiree just couldn’t have changed since their childhood. And Desiree would never travel above 125th Street. So why is no one listening to her?

Despite the bitter truth that the two haven’t spoken in two years, torn apart by Desiree’s partying and by their father, Mel, a wealthy and influential hip-hop mogul, Lena becomes determined to find justice for her sister, even if it means untangling her family’s darkest secrets—or ending up dead herself. (Summary via Goodreads)

Reading Like A Sister by Kellye Garrett will take you down a very twisted and dark rabbit hole and you will love it !!

In Like A Sister readers are hit with the drama immediately. Desiree Pierce is found dead in a park in Brooklyn, a place she, well, wouldn’t be found dead in, yet her she was in the middle of the night wearing very little. It is almost immediately ruled an accidental overdose …. but her sister Lena knows otherwise. Unfortunately she doesn’t have anything to back that up.

Even though Lena doesn’t have evidence to her theory she decides to figure out why her sister was in Brooklyn in the middle of the night. This will end up opening a pandora’s box and taking her down a path that will almost get her killed. She will also meet people that say they are friends but end up being wolves in sheep’s clothing. Lena doesn’t know who to trust and that category even includes her own father.

Unfortunately Lena and Desiree hadn’t spoken in the last two years, ever since Desiree got a DUI and wouldn’t take the blame for her actions and seek the help she desperately needed. Lena had to walk away because she couldn’t stand to see her sister destroy her life. And now here she was trying to learn everything she can that will prove her sister did not overdose.

Like A Sister will have readers on the edge of their seats. This story will grab you immediately and you will be powerless to put it down…not that you will want to. Garrett’s writing and storytelling are so captivating that it will impact your daily activities….meaning you will not be doing your daily activities while you read this book. And when you get to the explosive ending, you will be blown away !!!

Beyond the Shallow Bank

Beyond the Shallow Bank

David A. Wimsett

Artist Margaret Talbot has overcome prejudice, discrimination and assault to become a magazine illustrator in the male dominated world of publishing at the end of the nineteenth century. She and her husband, John, have traveled the world creating magazine articles that he writes and she illustrates. The articles and Margaret’s artwork have garnered praise and awards as John supports her illustrating and painting, even when he loses his membership in a prominent club because of it.

In 1898, Margaret suffers a stillbirth and nearly dies. From that point, John withdraws all contact, physically and emotionally, without explanation or justification. At the same time, Margaret finds that she can no longer express that certain special something in her art and begins to question if she is an artist at all.

The Talbots travel to a small fishing village for an article where Margaret meets many people who help and hinder her. One of these is a young woman named Sara who skips and sings nonsense songs and has trouble understanding everyday things, like how wagon wheels go around. Margaret fears Sara suffered a childhood trauma and is hiding from the real world but some in the village say that Sara is a selkie, a magical being from Celtic mythology who walks on the land as a human and swims in the sea as a seal. With the influence of the villagers, and her own self-determination, Margaret strives to discover who she is and want she wants from life.

Now with authentic engravings from the Victorian era in an illustrated edition. (Summary via Goodreads)

Beyond the Shallow Bank by David A. Wimsett is enchanting, fasinating and alluring…..as well as emotional.

In Beyond the Shallow Bank readers are introduced to Margaret and John Talbot. John writes articles for a magazine and Margaret draws the illustrations to go along with the article. They have traveled all over the world working together. Unfortunately there is heartbreak and pain between them. Margaret lost their child when it was a stillborn birth and John withdrew from her and their marriage. They continued to travel and work together but it was like they were strangers to each other.

Everything changes when they travel to Glasen in Canada where they will be staying for a while to interview the residents and get a feeling of the seaside town. Sadly when they arrive in town the hotel where they were to be staying has burned down so they will e staying with a couple. Ian and his wife Sara take the couple in but Ian isn’t very hospitable at first. However Margaret finds herself drawn to Sara but doesn’t know why……and when readers find out why, it will blow your mind !!

Readers cannot help but feel Margaret’s pain and loneliness. She is struggling still with the death of her child as well as her work. Her true desire is to paint but John practically forbids her to paint and wants her to concentrate on the illustrations for the article. Margaret has to sneak in her painting time and she lies to John, Sara and Ian. Margaret is also torn between loving John and hating him for the way he has treated her. But when a storm comes in and John is out to sea with Ian fishing, Margaret’s truth will come out and readers will be flabbergasted !!

Beyond the Shallow Bank is a very captivating story and when you get to a certain part in the story, you will know when you get there, you will be unable to stop reading. You will feel like you are right there along side Margaret and I’m pretty sure you will agree with her life changing decision…..all in the name of love.

Moonlight Becomes Her: Volume I: Issues 1-16

Moonlight Becomes Her: Volume I: Issues 1-16

W.D. Laremore

“Moonlight Becomes Her brings one’s deepest darkest desires to light.” – Amazon Reviewer

When the devil can’t get to you, he sends Her.
She is more than the undiscovered wallflower.

She is vapor to you until one day, she is not.
She is the one you’ll try so hard to forget.
She is your ultimate undoing.

Student. Bartender. Friend. Niece. Obsession. Predator. Succubus.
Curious? Start reading now to meet Lily Starlin…

From the author of The Gearing Incident and World On Fire, W.D. Laremore brings you a story of seduction, paranormal romance, action, and intrigue in Moonlight Becomes Her! (Summary via Amazon)

After reading Moonlight Becomes Her: Volume I: Issue 1-16 by W.D. Laremore I am at a loss for words and feel like I need to start sleeping with a light on…. Also this is the first time reading a book that I had to stop and look up the meaning of a word.

Moonlight Becomes Her begins with an innocent friendship between two high school friends, Lily and Bart. Unfortunately Lily doesn’t realize that Bart is head over heels in love with her and Bart doesn’t know Lily’s true identity…..yet. While Bart is working on asking Lily to the prom, Lily is sucking the life out of the school janitor, Jack. Jack is under Lily’s spell and believes the only way to break the spell is to kill her so he attacks her and sets fire to the house she lives in with her grandparents. Bart tries to comes to her aid and save her but ends up injured as well. Luckily both make it out alive but Lily had developed amnesia and cannot remember anything.

Lily spends time in a mental facility to try to cure her amnesia but it fails and she ends up living with her aunt and not remembering Bart and her life before the fire. The only thing Lily knows is that she is a cambion succubus which means she is a half-human demon that feeds on the energy of those she has sex with and then a black cloud appears and takes the souls of those she just weakened with her powers. The black cloud is called Legion and she bound to it till her death.

Lily is not happy with any of that and wants to gain her memories back so she decides to return to her hometown and she what she can find out. When Lily gets to town she reconnects with two former classmates who team up with her to get her old self back. When Creed and Leon find out that she is a succubus they get their friend Leilani who is a paranormal investigator to help them. Little do any of them know the crazy ride they are about to go on and it is a ride that no one can get off of until the very end…..

Readers will love this crazy, ghostly tale and when you get to the end of the book and the way that Laremore ends the story, you will be cursing him for pulling you in !!!