Kellye Garrett

A twisty, voice-driven thriller for fans of Megan Miranda and Jessica Knoll, in which no one bats an eye when a Black reality TV star is found dead in the Bronx—except her estranged half-sister, whose refusal to believe the official story leads her on a dangerous search for the truth.

When the body of disgraced reality TV star Desiree Pierce is found on a playground in the Bronx the morning after her 25th birthday party, the police and the media are quick to declare her death an overdose. It’s a tragedy, certainly, but not a crime.

But Desiree’s half-sister Lena Scott knows that can’t be the case. A graduate student at Columbia, Lena has spent the past decade forging her own path far from the spotlight, but some facts about Desiree just couldn’t have changed since their childhood. And Desiree would never travel above 125th Street. So why is no one listening to her?

Despite the bitter truth that the two haven’t spoken in two years, torn apart by Desiree’s partying and by their father, Mel, a wealthy and influential hip-hop mogul, Lena becomes determined to find justice for her sister, even if it means untangling her family’s darkest secrets—or ending up dead herself. (Summary via Goodreads)

Reading Like A Sister by Kellye Garrett will take you down a very twisted and dark rabbit hole and you will love it !!

In Like A Sister readers are hit with the drama immediately. Desiree Pierce is found dead in a park in Brooklyn, a place she, well, wouldn’t be found dead in, yet her she was in the middle of the night wearing very little. It is almost immediately ruled an accidental overdose …. but her sister Lena knows otherwise. Unfortunately she doesn’t have anything to back that up.

Even though Lena doesn’t have evidence to her theory she decides to figure out why her sister was in Brooklyn in the middle of the night. This will end up opening a pandora’s box and taking her down a path that will almost get her killed. She will also meet people that say they are friends but end up being wolves in sheep’s clothing. Lena doesn’t know who to trust and that category even includes her own father.

Unfortunately Lena and Desiree hadn’t spoken in the last two years, ever since Desiree got a DUI and wouldn’t take the blame for her actions and seek the help she desperately needed. Lena had to walk away because she couldn’t stand to see her sister destroy her life. And now here she was trying to learn everything she can that will prove her sister did not overdose.

Like A Sister will have readers on the edge of their seats. This story will grab you immediately and you will be powerless to put it down…not that you will want to. Garrett’s writing and storytelling are so captivating that it will impact your daily activities….meaning you will not be doing your daily activities while you read this book. And when you get to the explosive ending, you will be blown away !!!


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