W.D. Laremore

“Moonlight Becomes Her brings one’s deepest darkest desires to light.” – Amazon Reviewer

When the devil can’t get to you, he sends Her.
She is more than the undiscovered wallflower.

She is vapor to you until one day, she is not.
She is the one you’ll try so hard to forget.
She is your ultimate undoing.

Student. Bartender. Friend. Niece. Obsession. Predator. Succubus.
Curious? Start reading now to meet Lily Starlin…

From the author of The Gearing Incident and World On Fire, W.D. Laremore brings you a story of seduction, paranormal romance, action, and intrigue in Moonlight Becomes Her! (Summary via Amazon)

After reading Moonlight Becomes Her: Volume I: Issue 1-16 by W.D. Laremore I am at a loss for words and feel like I need to start sleeping with a light on…. Also this is the first time reading a book that I had to stop and look up the meaning of a word.

Moonlight Becomes Her begins with an innocent friendship between two high school friends, Lily and Bart. Unfortunately Lily doesn’t realize that Bart is head over heels in love with her and Bart doesn’t know Lily’s true identity…..yet. While Bart is working on asking Lily to the prom, Lily is sucking the life out of the school janitor, Jack. Jack is under Lily’s spell and believes the only way to break the spell is to kill her so he attacks her and sets fire to the house she lives in with her grandparents. Bart tries to comes to her aid and save her but ends up injured as well. Luckily both make it out alive but Lily had developed amnesia and cannot remember anything.

Lily spends time in a mental facility to try to cure her amnesia but it fails and she ends up living with her aunt and not remembering Bart and her life before the fire. The only thing Lily knows is that she is a cambion succubus which means she is a half-human demon that feeds on the energy of those she has sex with and then a black cloud appears and takes the souls of those she just weakened with her powers. The black cloud is called Legion and she bound to it till her death.

Lily is not happy with any of that and wants to gain her memories back so she decides to return to her hometown and she what she can find out. When Lily gets to town she reconnects with two former classmates who team up with her to get her old self back. When Creed and Leon find out that she is a succubus they get their friend Leilani who is a paranormal investigator to help them. Little do any of them know the crazy ride they are about to go on and it is a ride that no one can get off of until the very end…..

Readers will love this crazy, ghostly tale and when you get to the end of the book and the way that Laremore ends the story, you will be cursing him for pulling you in !!!


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