Tucker’s Surprise

What do you do when a puppy is blue?

Do you buy him new toys? Does he get a new bed? Join Tucker on his thrilling adventure to find out what surprise lies ahead!

Michael Kennedy has a magical way in telling Tucker’s story and Jean Tower illustrates Michael’s story brillantly with her beautiful illustrations. The two have crafted a story that parents will be reading over and over again to their children.

Tucker is a dog in this story and he wants for nothing … or so you would think. But he is lonely even though he has loving parents, toys and other dogs to play with occasionally. But Tucker’s mommy realizes there is a problem and she is determined to fix it. A trip to a pet store during pet adoptions is the answer !!!

Read Tucker’s Surprise with your children to find out what happens and what Tucker gets at the pet store !!! Your children will LOVE it !!!

Billie’s Vacation

What does a puppy do when his family is on vacation? Does he get to eat? Does he get to play? Where does he sleep? Join Billie on his exciting adventure to find out!

Billie’s Vacation is another great children’s book written by Michael Kennedy and illustrated by Jean Tower.

In Billie’s Vacation Billie’s owners are going on vacation and Billie is going to be staying at a pet resort. At first Billie is hesitant but the employees at the resort soon becomes his friends and he enjoys meeting other dogs staying there. But when his owners come to take him home, he is more than ready to go back home to his yard and his bed.

Piper’s Pals

When Piper goes on an adventure who will she meet? Friends from the mountains Others from the snow. Some from the ocean, You just never know!

Michael Kennedy and Jean Tower are an amazing team !! He writes a captivating tale for the kids and Jean brings his stories to life with her illustrations.

In Piper’s Pal the kids are introduced to Piper and a few of her friends. Piper loves playing with them all but I think the best is when Piper falls asleep and dreams and in her dreams she gets to play with a lot more characters. Your children will love being introduced to all her new friends. Which one will be their favorite ?? That will be another way to have fun with the book.


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