Is it medical malpractice, or is the attorney just another ambulance chaser?

It’s 1995, and Houston orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jim Bob Brady has been sued for medical malpractice; a mysterious infection caused a knee replacement to end up as an amputation. Donovan Shaw, a ruthless plaintiff’s attorney, has taken the case and doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that he and Brady share a number of friends. “It’s not personal!” Shaw says. But it feels personal—especially when Shaw threatens, “I will do anything, and I mean anything, to win the case, even if I have to destroy you and that pretty wife of yours. I will stop at nothing. You remember that!”

And Brady isn’t the only one in his practice being sued. How is Shaw getting his inside information? Can the patients afford to say no to filing lawsuits, even if the claims aren’t valid? Through a series of twists and turns, and with the support of his wife Mary Louise and their professional investigator son J. J, Brady once again doggedly goes into “sleuth mode” to get to the truth of the matter—even after his life is put in jeopardy. Will he survive, only to find himself at the mercy of the wild and wooly Houston court system? Is this whole mess his fault? Or is there an act of deception involved?  (Summary via Goodreads)


One cannot help by love Doctor Jim Bob Brady.  And in Act of Deception, the second book in the Doc Brady Mystery series by John Bishop MD, fans will again fall in love with Doc Brady but will feel sorry for him also….until the end of the book when things get all cleared up.

In Act of Murder we saw how Doc Brady will stop at nothing to solve a bizarre case that started with the hit and run accident of his neighbors son.  Now in the second book, Act of Deception we see how far Doc Brady will go to save himself !!!!

Doc Brady is being sued for malpractice after he operated on the knee of a farmer who later developed an infection and Doc had to amputate his leg.  Doc drives himself crazy reliving the operation and going through his notes and everything to make sure he did everything possible and everything according to the book.  Even though everyone tells him to let it go and let the lawyers handle it, he can’t.

Sadly the only thing that stops him is when he gets mugged in the parking garage at work.  Doc Brady decides to recuperate at their beach house and prepare for the trial.

One of the many things that I love with this series is that Doc Brady has an amazing wife and their relationship is inspiring to people.  They have a young adult son, J.J. who along with a friend have a great computer business.  This business has helped Doc Brady in both books as they investigate, research and uncover things via the web.  It is on the up and up even though Doc worries at times how they are able to obtain certain information.  Doc Brady has a great job as an orthopedic surgeon and for the most part loves his job.   ( I find his job very interesting as I have had to deal with orthopedic surgeons and the main one that I had I loved ! )

Readers cannot help but love the way Doc Brady’s mind works and how he comes to conclusions and gets things resolved.  Readers will be drawn into the story immediately and Bishop will have a firm grasp on your attention until you read the last word…..and he leaves you wanting more !!!

I highly recommend grabbing your copy of Act of Deception and I would also grab Act of Murder as well.  I took the time to read these books back to back and I loved it !!  You will love how Bishop has lawyer Pete Huntley playing big roles in both books and how both roles are so different in each book.  Readers will enjoy the relationship that Doc Brady and his wife, Mary Louise, have and the relationship they have with J.J.

I would LOVE to tell you so much more about Act of Deception, Doc Brady and his life but I don’t want to keep you from getting to know him yourself……


Review by Missi M.










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