Thomas Cooke has always lived a life of good fortune, but it has left him sick at heart. That fortune has been built on the blood, sweat and tears of their servants. Servants who were brought to their plantation against their will generations ago. Caught up in an inner storm as the winds of the Civil War rage around him, he’ll question everything he’s ever known. Only one thing is certain. His heart belongs to one woman.  (Summary via Amazon)


Heidi Sprouse does it again !!  Our Hearts Are Blind will capture the readers attention immediately and continue holding you tight until you read the last word…..

Our Hearts are Blind is not only a love story, it is a story about devotion and commitment, it is a story about conflict, it is a story about relationships and the sbond between family.

In Our Hearts are Blind as the world is divided and in a war, one family is also at war amongs themselves.  Thomas Cooke is the youngest son to a rich and powerful plantation owner.  Thomas and his older brother Beau have a great life….they have indoor plumbing, their house is beautiful, their closets are overflowing with beautiful clothing, they attend parties and they are loved and cherished by their parents and each other.  Even though they have everything they could possibly want, Thomas cannot help but feel empty and confused.

His family is surrounded by workers, workers in the fields and around the house, maintaining the land.  These workers have been a part of Thomas’ life forever but he cannot help but feel it is wrong because these workers are actually slaves…..and one of them, Caroline, has captured his heart. Thomas feel in love with Caroline when they were young and her mother would watch the two of them as she carried on her duties in the house.   To the world this feeling of love between Thomas and Caroline is wrong because Thomas is white and Caroline is black.

Thomas will do whatever it takes to be with Caroline….even leave the home and family  he loves.  Thomas knows that he cannot live this life anymore, it is a lie and it is tearing him up inside, he needs to do the right thing and help free the slaves even if it disappoints his family and he can never go back to his entitled life.

Follow Thomas in the hardest journey he will even face.  It will surprise the reader to see where it goes and who goes with him….. We can only HOPE Thomas gets his happily even after.

Our Hearts Are Blind by Sprouse is full of turmoil, fear, love, commitment, courage, strength, devotion and history.  When you read this story, you will travel back in time and feel like you are there along side Thomas as he struggles with inner and outer demons….. All I can tell you dear reader is to remember to breathe……..


Review by Missi M.





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