Something is wrong with Officer Jim Pedersen. He isn’t eating. He isn’t sleeping. His easygoing nature has vanished, replaced by a brooding, irritable mood that won’t go away like a dark cloud hovering over his head. No one understands what is going on. Is it gambling? Money troubles? Problems at work? Another woman? 
They haven’t seen the mysterious mailers that have arrived at work. They haven’t seen the disturbing pictures. Read the threats. Been shaken to the core with fear that sends ice running through the policeman’s veins. 

Day by day, the man everyone knows is disappearing. Will his best friend, conservation officer Graham Scott, figure out what’s wrong before Jim vanishes without a trace?  (Summary via Goodreads)


I am ALWAYS amazed when I read a book when I think about the talent of the author but when I read Deserted on Lake Desolation by Heidi Sprouse it was so much more than amazement !!  Talent doesn’t even begin to describe it !!  I cannot wrap my head around the thinking that went into this story !!  And Deserted on Lake Desolation is the fourth book in the Lost in the Adirondacks series but it stands alone in comparison to the others.

Nothing prepares you for what is in store for the reader when you begin the journey into this book.  As with the first four, the reader is taken on a journey through the Adirondacks and its mountains……and you hang out with some amazing people and become a part of their inner circle.  You feel the love, devotion and strength of these people and you understand their commitment to each other and their surroundings.  You will feel like you know the trails as well as Graham and Jim do, you will feel the love and fear that the two men have towards their families and each other.  You will understand that there is nothing that they would not do for each other and their families.

Even though there is always turmoil and fear within this series, and Deserted on Lake Desolation has that tenfold, you will always have HOPE as you read each word and turn the page……  I will admit reading each word was extremely hard for me as I wanted to get to the end quickly to make sure all I have grown to love were safe and skipping to the end has never been an option for me but it was tested during the reading of this book.

I highly encourage you to read Deserted on Lake Desolation along with the others in the Lost on the Adirondack series and as hard as it will be I recommend reading every single word ….. you don’t want to miss any of it !!!

Review by Missi S.



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