Andie Rose Lane treats herself to a Columbus Day weekend getaway in New York City. Little did she know that a pair of red shoes from a thrift store would transport her into the 1940’s. In the midst of the Depression and World War II, she’ll discover her roots are tied in with those amazing shoes. They’ll carry her into the middle of her great grandmother’s love story. Find out about Rosie and Her Ragamuffin Sam.  (Summary via Amazon)


Rosie and her Ragamuffin Sam is a feel good story……in that it will make you feel really good !!!  Heidi Sprouse has such a way with love and relaying it in her words that you fall in love instantly !!  Not only does she capture your heart, she also captures your imagination.  Once you start reading the story you are lost with Andie as she dreams and hears stories of her great grandparents and the love they shared.

Imagine buying a pair of used shoes in a secondhand store and then having vivid dreams, good dreams that stay with you and make you want to know more.  And then to find out that those shoes tie you to your great grandparents and the dreams are actually true to their love and life.  And then you visit your great aunts and they continue telling you wonderful stories of that love and devotion…….

Rosie and her Ragamuffin Sam is exactly the kind of story the world needs….. a story to remind everyone that love is out there….. devotion is out there……kindness can be everywhere.  We just have to take a minute and look around.  Sprouse reminds us that we make our own memories and there is nothing wrong with those memories being filled with love and hope !!!!


Review by Missi S.






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