Seventeen-year-old Cara Walden arrives in 1950s London with her half-brother Gray‚ a blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter and closeted homosexual. Gray has looked after Cara ever since her mother‚ glamorous actress Vivien Grant‚ was found drowned in the pool at their estate. As Cara embarks on a film shoot in Sicily and begins a love affair with a temperamental actor‚ she cannot help pondering the mystery surrounding her mother’s death‚ but the questions she asks soon put Cara’s own life in danger.  (Summary via Goodreads)

As I was reading All the Wrong Places by Lisa Lieberman, I was seeing everything in black and white…like an old movie.  Maybe because the story starts in 1941 or maybe it was the storyline.  The storyline follows Cara Walden and her older brother Gray as they leave Hollywood and travel to London. The majority of the story takes places in London and follows Cara to Sicily.

You are instantly drawn to Cara and will love her immediately.  You will feel for her as she struggles with things, mainly her mothers dead when she was only 10 years old.  Cara cannot help but think that there is more to her mother’s drowning and by the time you finish All the Wrong Places, you will know that there was.  But it will NOT be anything near what you may have thought.

All the Wrong Places has a captivating story with some very colorful characters (even if I did see it all in black in white, they had color when needed….you’ll understand when you read it.)  The journey that Lieberman takes the reader is an educational and emotional trip but you will be very glad that you took it !!

I am already looking forward to hanging out with Cara and crew in Burning Cold.  I cannot wait to see where this book takes us……


Review by Missi S.







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