When ex-con Craig Collins began his new job mowing lawns, he was ready to leave his former life where it belonged—in the past. But everything changes when Craig suddenly loses one of his contracts after staring a little too hard at the aging trophy wife of his pizzeria mogul client, Big Gino Pasarelli. Soon, Craig begins to hatch a plan for revenge—along with his transgender sort-of-girlfriend, Juana. Since Big Gino seems to enjoy cheating on his wife, Craig and Juana decide to blackmail him with a sex tape. Their plan goes horribly wrong, and Craig finds himself in deeper and deeper trouble. It might be up to Big Gino’s wife, Sheila, to bail him out, but can she be trusted? The Lawn Job is as suspenseful as it is entertaining, a true thriller written with heart and humor.   (Summary via Goodreads)


The Lawn Job by Chuck Caruso is full of disceit, lies, revenge and blackmail which all combined result in a killer story !!!  One thing I can promise you is that you will NOT go wrong picking this book up and reading it….you may have a hard time putting it down however.

You cannot help but fall in love with bad boy, bad luck main character Craig Collins.  Chapter 1 grabs you instantly and draws you in with Craig being a normal guy and doing what a normal guy will do.  While on the job working landscape for a very rich family, he cannot stay focused on the job when the lady of the house is sunbathing practically naked right there in front of him.  This simple behavior of a man acting like a man sets the reader, and Craig, up for a doozie of a time !!!  Add to that Craig’s “girlfriend” Juana who is a stripper….a transgender stripper…..Craig gets to help plan revenge on the rich man for firing him and you have the perfect answer for an entertaining time.

But if all that doesn’t grab you then how about Craig’s two best friends who he works out with but smokes pot with before hitting the gym ?  And even though he is on probation Craig still agrees to help one of them in a shady manner ?

All Craig wants to do is seek revenge for getting fired by the big man, make some fast money, have sex with Juana, drink beer, smoke pot, hang with his buddies, play video games, and stay out of trouble.  Sounds kind of like the guy who lives down the street from me.

It turns out that that isn’t going to happen for Craig.  And when you read the last 2 pages you are going to be SHOCKED !!!  Caruso definitely did his job as an author by providing the reader with an extremely thrilling and exciting story.  I sincerely look forward to more of his work…….


Review by Missi S.










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