Can a life gone wrong be made right? Woodsman Kane Johnson is haunted by this question. Forced to live the life of a recluse by a father who was scarred by the Viet Nam war and took his family into hiding in the wilderness, the woodsman was driven by despair and desperation to steal a woman when he was faced with the loss of his family. Kane had everything taken away from him when conservation officer Graham Scott rescued his future wife, Sarah, and took Johnson in.
Now a fugitive, Kane has attempted to pick up the pieces of his shattered life and make something good come out of the bad. When Scott’s daughter turns up missing during a camping trip on Blue Mountain Lake, the woodsman will become entangled with the conservation officer yet again. It will feel like a Catch-22 as Kane takes two steps forward only to be forced to take three steps back while tragedy after tragedy befalls him. Will he be able to begin a new chapter in his life or will the bridge to the future be burned as the past refuses to be buried?  (Summary via Goodreads)


If you have read the first 2 books in the Lost in the Adirondacks series already, you are already hooked and definitely going to read Sunrise Over Indian Lake.  But in case you haven’t started this amazing series, let me tell you about it….

Graham and Kane are so different yet they are so alike.  Graham wants nothing to do with Kane however they are always pulled together.  It is a force that neither can ignore.

In Adirondack Sundown you are introduced to Graham and Sarah and a love that is unbreakable.  Kane abducts Sarah challenging Grahams devotion.  Then in The Edge of Forgiveness on Blue Mountain Graham is severly hurt and it is Kane that saves him and gets him to safety.  Now in Sunrise Over Indian Lake Graham reaches out to Kane to help when Lila goes missing on a camping trip.

In Sunrise Over Indian Lake you will learn more about the man that Kane is and you are witness to his love story starting up with Jill.  Unfortunately Kane has always lived in the woods and is very uncomfortable being around people.  Jill’s love and devotion to Kane is tested a lot throughout the book.

You will also witness a very unlikely friendship between two men where an understanding and bond develop.  Kane and Graham have to rely on each other when there is noone else that they can turn to.  You will see a friendship go full circle between the two men that centers around their families.  These two men will stop at nothing to protect their families and each other.

Heidi Sprouse takes you on an amazing journey through love, friendship, commitment, loss and life…… And she does it so effortlessly.  Take a journey through the Adirondacks with Kane and Graham… might even make you a better friend to someone down the road.


Review by Missi S.






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