The search for Sarah is finally over. Conservation officer Graham Scott is trying to pick up the pieces of his life with his bride-to-be after she vanished for over 6 months. It’s time to move forward. There’s only one problem: Kane Johnson. Sarah’s abductor is a fugitive, on the loose in the vast wilderness of the Adirondacks. Graham and Sarah will soon discover how far Johnson’s reach extends into their lives and their nightmares. Will they make it to forgiveness or fall over the edge?  (Summary via Goodreads)


The Edge of Forgiveness on Blue Mountain is the second book in Heidi Sprouse’s Lost in the Adirondacks series.  If you read Adirondack Sundown, Book one in the series, you were completely blown away and totally in love with Graham and Sarah.   Well hold on to your seat because you are not ready for what is in store for you in Book two.

Adirondack Sundown left you in awe of Graham and Sarah and the love that they shared.  To see what Graham did to save Sarah, the extent that he went to, and the pull that Sarah had over him left the reader in a better place…..

However in The Edge of Forgiveness on Blue Mountain the reader is shown the strength of their love in an entirely different way.  Sarah is home safe with Graham and Lila and they are moving forward as a family.  But no matter what they do, they cannot shake the feeling that Kane Johnson will disrupt their lives again.  Which he will do but he will again enter their lives in a way you could never imagine !!  ( I will confess that I was completely shocked when I read it….. I won’t ruin it for you but I will warn you….Be prepared.)

Not only are you witness to an amazing love story but you also see the friendship between Graham and Jim.  These are two best friends that will stop at nothing to help each other out, including their families.  They will drop everything to help the other out.

Family is a strong component in this story as well.  We witnessed the family strength in Adirondack Sundown between Graham and Sarah’s parents when she was missing.  As well as the tight relationship between Graham and Lila.  In The Edge of Forgiveness on Blue Mountain those relationships continue to blossom and strenghten.

You also learn more about Kane Johnson and what makes him the way he is.  You may start to understand him a little more as well.  It may take you a while to start liking him but I believe by the end of the book, you will like him… a little bit.

Sprouse AMAZES me with her writing.  She captures your attention and has you holding your breath through parts of the story.  There are times I found myself on the edge of my seat reading as fast as I could.  You get so engrossed in her story telling that you will find yourself lost on Blue Mountain……but no fears …. Graham will save you.


Review by Missi S.












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