What do you do when your brother asks for one last Adirondack summer?

John Taylor and Tommy Jackman have been best friends since age eight, the day they made a blood brother pact to stick together through thick and thin. Every year since, they’ve spent their summers at John’s Pleasant Lake Camp in the Adirondack Mountains, and whatever time they can during the rest of the year.

Their pact will be put to the ultimate test when Tommy asks John to take him back to the lake to die. Without hesitation, John packs up Tommy and his beloved dog, Jasper, and drives his blood brother from Colorado to the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

It is the hardest thing John has ever done.

But the friends give each other a precious gift, the chance to share their lives one last time before Tommy no longer has a future. They remember all the firsts they shared: the first drink, the first smoke, the first night with a girl.

As Tommy’s life winds down, John holds on, blood brother scar against blood brother scar, until he realizes it’s not their last Adirondack summer. In this place, where they crossed the bridge from childhood to adulthood together, Thomas Michael Jackman will always be with him.

Take the journey with John and Tommy as they learn the grim lesson of how letting go can sometimes be the best way to hold on.  (Summary via Amazon)

All you need is that ONE friend…the one that you can call anytime of the day or night, any day of the week, for good news, bad news and everything else in between.  It doesn’t matter that you haven’t spoken in a while, you pick up as if you spoke the day before.  And you are there for that ONE friend no matter what….

But what do you do if they call and tell you that they are dying ?  And you are the only person on the entire earth that they want to spend the remaining time they have here with you…..

You JUMP into action.  You go wherever they want to go and you help them cherish their remaining time doing whatever they want.  You think about them and only them and you try to breath…..

In One Last Adirondack Summer by Heidi Sprouse you witness such a friendship.  Tommy and John met when they were 8 years old on the lake and became instant best friends.  They even became “blood brothers” and had the scars to show for it.  So when Tommy called John and said he was dying with cancer and needed him, John hopped a plane and went to Tommy’s.

The one and only place that Tommy wanted to spend his last days was at John’s summer house on Adirondack Lake.  That is the place that their friendship started, where they had so many good times and lots of memories and stories, and where their friendship would see them through to the end.

So John loaded Tommy  and his dog Jasper into Mary Anne, Tommy’s truck and drove them to the lake.  Tommy only wanted John there – no doctors, no hospice, no one.  John did everything he could for his friend.

The strength of their friendship will carry them to the end and will leave you longing for more.  Unfortunately there is no more……or is there ?  The impact that this book will leave on the reader will stay with them for a long time to come.  It will leave the reader raw with emotion and desire.  One Last Adirondack Summer will stay with the reader for a long, long time ……


Review by Missi S.












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