There is a fine line between psychic and psycho. How far can you push the lines until they break?

As a child, Trevor Chapel could talk to the dead. Nobody understood what he was going through, and he turned to drugs and alcohol to make voices stop. At the age of fourteen, he was convicted of the brutal murders of his parents and locked away in a mental institution in London, England. Fifteen years later, the night of his parents’ death still haunts him.

Trevor suddenly has visions of a woman and her daughter, and they are in grave danger. Once Trevor identifies the people in the visions, he needs to break out of the mental institution.

The New Scotland Yard’s Captain, Billy Bosom, knows Trevor is innocent. He enlists the help of true crime author Dusky Anne Wild for help.
Dusky traveled from America to England to help on a case. She is willing to help Billy, but she is not fully convinced Trevor is innocent. The possibility he had help killing his parents plagues her mind. However, there is more deception within Trevor’s case than meets the eye. With the help of Detective James Aarons, Dusky will uncover the secrets of this case.

Once Trevor’s case is re-opened, all hell breaks loose.  (Summary via Amazon)

Trevor Chapel did NOT kill his parents.  Trevor Chapel is NOT crazy.  So if both of those statements are true WHY is he locked away in a mental institution ? And WHY has he been locked up for 15 years ?

Captain Bosom knows that Trevor did not kill his parents, unfortunately he doesn’t know who did.  While true crime author Dusky Wild is still in London Bosom re-opens Trevor’s case.  Bosom is hoping with Dusky’s help they can prove Trevor’s innocence and bring the real killers to justice.

As they begin working on the case, strange things begin to happen and people are being murdered.  Someone does not want this case solved and is doing everything in their power to prevent them from finding out the truth.

The Guilty Child is the second book written by D.R. Thorne.  We first met Dusky and company in The Initial Stage of Murder when a case sends her to London.  Now in The Guilty Child Dusky remains in London on Trevor’s case.  Thorne makes you fall in love with all the characters and as you read you get lost in London and may even find yourself making a cup of tea…….  But don’t be surprised if your tea gets cold…this is one book you don’t want to put down.













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