Rachael Farrington is sitting on a riverbank when young Jason Beauvale wanders into her life. The two become inseparable, but Rachael’s mother is suspicious of the boy; he’s wealthy and, for reasons of her own, she has no trust for him and his kind.

As the couple become closer, Jason shares a secret: Many years earlier he witnessed his father escape, badly injured, under a hail of bullets. He doesn’t know why it happened, or if his father survived, or why his mother then chose a life in hiding, refusing to speak much of him or their past lives again. These are mysteries that haunt the boy and which he aches to resolve.

In an ironic twist, as the young couple battle against those determined to end their passionate relationship, they are confronted by the very forces that lurked in Jason’s past.

In the turmoil that follows, loved ones soon face abduction, imprisonment and death, as an unscrupulous organization, known as The Syndicate, seeks to fulfill a long-outstanding resolution to which Jason unwittingly becomes the key.

The fight for justice falls to Rachael, but with high-ranking police corruption working to defeat her, how can she alone bring The Syndicate down?  (Summary via Goodreads)


When I was approached to do a review for White Ashes, I had no idea that the book was 726 pages long.  My first thought was “How can someone have that much to write ?”  I was also worried that it wouldn’t keep my attention.  BOY WAS I WRONG !!!!  I was completely drawn into the book immediately !!

This is a story about family, love, commitment, secrets, danger, trust, jealousy, friendship, lies, murder, strength and weakness.  White Ashes is about 2 mothers who will do anything to protect their children.  It is about 2 young lovers who will do anything for each other.  It is about a force greater than them all.

As you read White Ashes you will understand why Rebecca has been hiding something from Jason for years. You will feel the love between Jason and Rachael.  You may even agree with Helen while she struggles with past demons as she does everything in her power to keep the lovebirds apart.  And the sympathy you feel for David will feel so real.

To say White Ashes is a love story does NOT do it justice….to say its a murder/mystery story isn’t even close…..to say it is a drama or a suspense don’t cut it either.  This book is all of the above and so much more.

I would LOVE to say more about White Ashes but to say more would ruin the story for you and I highly recommend you read it.   I will tell you this…. You will get lost in it immediately, you may find yourself holding your breath at times as you read, and you will HATE when you reach page 726.  When I turned from page 725 to the last page I was completely spent …. and I was left wanting more !!!

So I encourage you to get your copy of White Ashes as soon as you can and remember to …. BREATH…..

Review by Missi S.











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