Laura Moore, living in a log cabin near Fort Dummer, Vermont, is a young woman who pits her strength against a hostile environment. In the middle of the night, Abenaki Indians attack her home and slay her husband and her father-in-law. Laura’s captors march her for ten days through the wilderness. She carries her baby and holds the hand of her two-year-old during the grueling journey. After being sold into servitude to the French she witnesses the conquest of Quebec City. This is a riveting story of hatred, sacrifice, love and forgiveness, and it is a real page turner.  (Summary via Amazon)

When the first sentence in the book reads “The grave was shallow.” how can you not continue ?

I was mesmerized by this book.  I could not put it down nor did I want to.  Marcia Buffett’s writing takes you on such a journey, making you feel like you are actually on the journey as well.  And once you begin this journey, you want to see it to the end, whatever that outcome may be.

You begin with Laura as she is happily married with one daughter and another child on the way.  Unfortunately war is all around them.  Her life is destroyed in one evening when Indians invade their home killing her husband and father-in-law and take her and her daughters hostage.  You will read how brave and strong she is just trying to keep her daughters and herself alive.  Throughout her journey and being held prisoner by the Indians, you will witness the changes that she will go through to survive.

You will find yourself holding your breath, sighing with relief, crying tears of sorrow and happiness, you may even laugh a few times.  But you will constantly be reminded of the hardships from a time long ago that you can only imagine……

This was my first look into Marcia Buffett’s talent but I plan to read more and I bet you will also.

Check her out on Amazon :





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