To the public eye, Christian Michaels, the starting point guard of the Siena Saints’ basketball team, has everything a college senior would want and more. Just the opposite, Zoe Gingras is trying to finish her degree all while trying to earn enough money to care for herself and Gabe, her 8 year old brother who is fighting to beat cancer. After running into Zoe, Christian notices that there’s been something missing in his life after all and he thinks she can fill that gaping hole. On a quest to get to know her, Zoe is reluctant to take a chance on love for fear of feeling anymore heartbreak. As his health continues to decline, all Gabe wants for his sister is for her to be happy and he thinks Christian may be the answer to his prayers. Will Zoe be able to let her guard down and let him into their lives?  (Summary via Amazon)

GOOSEBUMPS !!!!  I got goosebumps reading A Saint for Life.  I was sitting outside in the SUN and a few times goosebumps appeared.

There is so much I could say about this story and believe me there is a LOT I want to talk about but that would ruin it for you.  I will tell you one thing that I LOVED is Nicole’s style of writing.  She devoted one chapter to Zoe, the next one is all Christian and Gabe even has his own chapters.  Seeing the story from all these viewpoints really helps the reader understand everything.

Even though this is a love story, it is so much more.  You have both Zoe and Christian that are very familiar with death at their young ages and have both built walls around their hearts.  And Zoe seems to have a double wall around her heart because not only is she protecting herself but she has to protect Gabe as well.  Will they take a chance on each other ?

Christian is willing to do anything for Zoe and Gabe even if it means that he has to sit out on the Siena’s basketball championship game….. and keep a HUGE secret from Zoe.

This is Nicole’s first novel and at the tender age of 24, she is going places !!!  If you don’t believe me, pick up her book, read it and then tell me diiferently.  You won’t be able to !!











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